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Notices and Prayer Intentions for the Week 12th - 19th July 2020

Video Resources

Sunday Eucharist - Live webcast at 10 am Sunday - link available here.

'From the Archives' - video 6 (available Tuesday morning from 9 am) here.

Reflections for Liverpool - 9 July (from 9 am) here.

Video Bulletin (available Friday morning from 9 am) here.

This week's Sunday leaflet can be downloaded here.

Daily Calendar

Sun 12th July 5th Sunday after Trinity

Gospel: Matthew 13.1-9,18-23

Anglican Communion: The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

Parish: Manesty's Lane; Peter's Lane; College Lane

Those in Need: Gerry; Anne; Jim; Nadia; Khalid; Petra; Morna

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Hugh Durrant; William Masterworth; Anne Watkins; Elizabeth McConnell

Mon 13th July Feria

Gospel: Matthew 10.34-11.1

Anglican Communion: Kajiado (Kenya); Kajo-Keji (South Sudan); Kamango (Congo)

Parish: School Lane; Trinity House; Back Lord St.

Those in Need: Betty; Peter; Simon; Jon; Maggie; Winifred

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Ida Brown; John Jaques

Tue 14th July John Keble, priest

Gospel: Matthew 11.20-24

Anglican Communion: North Malawi (Central Africa); Barbados (West Indies); Kampala (Uganda)

Parish: Dorans Lane; Princes St; Victoria St.

Those in Need: Al; Sylvia; Emily; Mark; Annette

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: William Davies; Douglas Courtenay-Young; Beryl Bell

Weds 15th July Swithun, bishop

Gospel: Matthew 11.25-27

Anglican Communion: Northern Mexico; Bari (Nigeria)

Parish: Temple Lane; Temple St; Stanley St.

Those in Need: Sylvia; Joan; Madelaine; Marjorie; Elsie

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Ann Hughes; May Wilson

Thurs 16th July Osmund, bishop

Gospel: Matthew 11.28-end

Anglican Communion: North Michigan (USA); Barisal (Bangladesh); Barrackpore (North India)

Parish: Rainford Gardens; Davies St; Cumberland St.

Those in Need: Marjorie; Eileen; Pat; Tom; Donald

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: James Lloyd; Sarah-Ann Greenfield

Fri 17th July Feria

Gospel: Matthew 12.1-8

Anglican Communion: Northern Philippines; Bath and Wells

Parish: Sir Thomas St; Peter St; Crosshall St.

Those in Need: Doreen; Marshall; John; Elizabeth; Paul; Hamed

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Phyllis Johnson

Sat 18th July Elizabeth Ferard, deaconess

Gospel: Matthew 12.14-21

Anglican Communion: Northern Territory (Australia); Bathurst (Australia); Kano (Nigeria)

Parish: Preston St; Shaw Hill St; Manchester St.

Those in Need: Joyce; Grace; Fiona; Rebecca; Anna; Liz; Zaher and family

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: William Haseldine; Maisie Smith

Sun 19th July 6th Sunday after Trinity

Gospel: Matthew 13.24-30,36-43

Anglican Communion: The Episcopal Church in the Philippines

Parish: Old Haymarket; Queen Square; Dawson St.

Those in Need: Betty; Peter; Simon; Jon; Maggie

Recently Departed: Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: James Wilson (bp)


Events coming up


If you would like information about when the bells will be ringing this week, please visit the bellringers' website here.



Worshipping together

Our service last Sunday was a time of celebration, but it was also the beginning of a long journey to restore worship. Each week, we expect to develop and build on the previous week so that we feel comfortable and safe before progressing further. Chairs in church are placed on their own or in housegold groups. However, please remember that you can mitigate any risk by wearing a face mask. There are various instructions around the building to help us all keep safe, and there is enough hand sanitizer in the building to set Merseyside alight!


will be meeting this Thursday by Zoom. All PCC members have received details by email but if you need help with the technology please speak to the clergy.

The Church Office

is now open on a very part-time basis. E-mails and telephone calls should be picked up more swiftly than in the last few months.

Do you need a helping hand?

Various members of the congregation are available to give you help and assistance if needed. This could be as simple as some shopping or collecting foodbank donations from your house, or it could be some other domestic trauma which you cannot work out how to solve whilst everyone is at home and businesses are not operating. Please contact Fr Crispin who can connect you with whatever assistance you need.

Micah Foodbank

The food donation box in the Narthex is still attracting regular offerings and is being emptied regularly. The need continues, so please do donate if you can. If you need donations picking up from your house, then contact the clergy.

St Nick's Corona Anthology

Fr Fergus is putting together a selection of prayers, reflections, and poems to be collated into a ‘St Nick’s Corona Anthology’. Maybe you’re using your time at home to produce beautiful verse or perhaps you’ve found a particular prayer or passage helpful at this juncture- if so we’d love to know. Please email all to and we’ll put things together into a resource for everyone.

Gift Aid

St Nick's is grateful for all donations, but if you are a UK taxpayer and you put your gift in one of our Gift Aid envelopes (found at the back of the Church) and add your name and address, then the Church can get a further 25% of your gift back from the Government.

Similarly, if you make donations to the Church by monthly standing order, and you are a UK taxpayer but have not yet completed a Gift Aid form and sent it to Pauline Lewis, our Gift Aid Secretary, then we would be most grateful if you would do this so that we can increase the value of your monthly donation by 25% at no cost or inconvenience to you.  Your name/details do not get passed to anybody and there is nothing further for you to do.

We encourage regular members of the congregation to join the Planned Giving Scheme.  Please contact Pauline Lewis for further details.


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