Plinth Sculpture

Liverpool Plinth

On 12 June we unveiled the first sculpture on the Liverpool Plinth. Gold Lamé is a striking sculpture that challenges the perceptions of disability in society. The installation is by disabled sculptor and artist Tony Heaton and is based on the famous Invacar - a small, blue, one-seater vehicle given to disabled people during the 1960s and 1970s. Sprayed gold and suspended vertically above the plinth, the sculpture reclaims the word lame and confronts negative stereotyping of disabled people the vehicle represented. More information about this and other artistic projects at St Nick’s can be found on the 'Music and Arts' page of this website.

History Exhibition Flyer

A Church for the City

This month a new permanent exhibition goes on display in the Narthex, charting the history of Liverpool Parish Church from the 13th century to the present day. The exhibition illustrates how the church and the city have always been interwoven in their existence, and material on display for the first time illustrates how the church was at the heart of politics and social welfare over the centuries.

Sir William Gladstone

Sir William Gladstone RIP

We are sad to hear of the death of the Patron of Liverpool Parish Church, Sir William Gladstone Bt KG. Sir William's great grandfather, the late Prime Minister, bought the right to appoint Rectors of Liverpool in 1890, and this has been passed down through the family. Sir William has been a friend and support to Rectors for many decades, and a great advocate for the Church. The Patronage of the Church now passes to Sir Charles Gladstone of Fasque and Balfour, the 8th baronet.

Fergus Butler-Gallie

New Curate

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Fergus Butler-Gallie as Assistant Curate at Liverpool Parish Church from June 2018.   Born in Kent, he read History and Czech/Slovak at St John's College, Oxford before studying for Holy Orders at Westcott House and Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  He's really excited about moving to Liverpool and playing a full part in such a vibrant and interesting worshipping community.

Fergus says, “I'm particularly looking forward to being at the centre of one of the most exciting cities on earth and the myriad opportunities for ministry that St Nicks' fantastic location brings.  I've been inspired by the work Fr Crispin, the other clergy and laity are engaged in and can't wait to get stuck in.”

Fergus will be ordained deacon by the Bishop of Liverpool in the Cathedral on Sunday 24th June 2018. (posted on 14 January)

Liverpool Plinth

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new sculpture project, the ‘Liverpool Plinth’.  A competition is now open for submissions to fill the empty plinth at St Nick’s which overlooks Chapel Street.  The plinth originally housed Brian Burgess's Christ on a Donkey but has now been empty for over a decade.  The new project, in collaboration with local gallery dot-art and also the Liverpool BID Company, is inspired by the ‘Fourth Plinth’ in Trafalgar Square.   An overview of the project is on the BBC Website here. (posted on 15 October)

Black History in Liverpool

As a port city, Liverpool claims one of the oldest black populations in the UK.  The history of the city is also bound up with the transportation of enslaved Africans.   Sunday 1st October 2017 marks the three hundredth anniversary of the first written record of a black resident of Liverpool.   There is an entry in our registers of the burial In the churchyard of our church of Abell, who was enslaved to a Mr Rock.   The date in the registers is 1st October 1717.  (posted on 26 September)

Freedom of the City for 208 Battery

In a service in church at 10am on Saturday 14th October 208 Battery (103 Regiment) will be admitted to the Freedom Roll of Associations of the City of Liverpool, with the right to bear arms in the City.   At the end of the service the Battery will march with bayonets fixed through the city before an inspection at Exchange Flags.  (posted on 26 September)

Lord Mayor’s Civic Service

We shall celebrate and bless Cllr Malcolm Kennedy’s year of office as Lord Mayor of Liverpool in a Civic Service at 11.45am on Sunday 29 October.   The theme of the service will be Regeneration, reflecting the work that Cllr Kennedy has done during his time on the Council.   The preacher will be the Revd Bill Addy.  (posted on 26 September)

Bill Addy

New Priest at St Nick's

We are delighted to announce that the Revd Bill Addy will be joining our clergy team after Easter as an Assistant Priest (Self-Supporting Minister). Bill is known to many in the Church, and he has been a friend and colleague to us at St Nick’s in his role as Chief Executive of the Liverpool BID Company. Bill has been serving in the Mossley Hill Team and has had special responsibility for St Barnabas, Penny Lane. His move to St Nick’s will enable him to connect his ‘day job’ with his priestly ministry and we look forward to welcoming Bill and his wife Pauline in May.

John O'Connell

Monthly Classical Guitar Performances

Starting on 23 February, guitarist John O’Connell will be performing classical repertoire at St Nick’s between 1pm and 2pm on the last Thursday of the month (and on the first Thursday at the Metropolitan Cathedral). John was known for many years as part of the Liverpool band Groundpig. He now concentrates on a solo career, and has toured the UK with his project ‘Simply Dylan’. John enjoys the opportunity to play classical guitar, and all are invited to attend these free performances. No booking necessary.

Community Choir

We are delighted to announce the launch of a Community Choir at St Nick’s, in the heart of the professional and business district of the city.  The choir will meet on Wednesdays from 5.30pm until 7pm and is open to all – whether or not they have any experience of singing!  The choir will be led by professional musician Lynne Rogers, and is run in collaboration with the Liverpool BID Company.  For more information contact the Church Office on 0151 236 5287 or email

The Grail Boat, a wooden sculpture from 500 yr old English Oak.

Exhibitions in Church 2016

Two exhibitions are launched in church this summer.  We are delighted to display a wooden sculpture from 500 yr old English Oak.  The Grail Boat reflects the legend that Joseph of Arimathea brought the grail to England: as well as connecting with the seafaring connections of St Nick’s, the artist hopes to convey a sense of journey, both past and future.  Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Liverpool Blitz, a new exhibition in the north aisle plots some of the history of St Nick’s in the war, giving a snapshot of the Liverpool Blitz and its aftermath.


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